We are an Italian company located in Lozzo di Cadore, in the heart of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home of Italian eyewear.

Our history began in 1977.

Continuous research and experience acquired during the years allows us to create handmade products at the forefront of MADE IN ITALY production.

We offer a complete range of customized products to the eyewear and fashion accessory industries, designed for those who are passionate about style and design.

Our products:
• AUROBLOCK: cellulose acetate block slabs
• RIM COVER: acetate eye rim cover for metal frames
• ALUTRANSFER: sublimation printing on aluminum foil
• CELLOTRANSFER: decorated cellulose acetate foil
• 3D: three-dimensional printing of cellulose acetate
• LEATHER: genuine leather fused with cellulose acetate
• MARKER PENS: markers to decorate lenses and retouch optical frames
• LACQUERS AND VARNISHES: protective varnishes and dyes for optical metal and plastic frames

Aurochim Industria S.r.l. - Viale dell'industria, 8/B - 32040 Lozzo di Cadore - Belluno - Italia - Tel. 0435 76 721 - Fax 0435 76 708 - info1@aurochim.it - P.IVA 00845320258